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Mamwapitah, 2018, 3' x 10', digital print on vynl, installation photos credit of the Art Gallery of Alberta and close ups courtesy of the artist

Mamwepitah is rooted in motherhood, blood memory, and the responsibility to carry knowledge forward. Mamawepitah is an Ininnew (Cree) word for “holds it together/holds it up.” The piece is inspired by the strap of a medicine bag, traditionally made by women, covered with intricate floral beadwork. I used my stretch-marked skin from my pregnancy to serve as the foundation. I turned parts of my body into beads, such as my hands, nipples, and fingers dipped in menstrual blood, to painstakingly digitally compose a design that refers to my identity as a mother, maker, educator, and mentor. I equate the work as a bridge and connection of identity and cultural knowledge between past and future.