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Ki-tah-pah-tumak aski ethinewak (keeper of the land), 2016

Traveling to northern Manitoba communities the summer of 2015, I was moved by the people who are walking the path of their ancestors. They are Ki-tah-pah-tumak aski ethinewak who are using all their knowledge and power to protect the land and waters in their community. They face resistance from developers, Manitoba Hydro, government and sometimes even their own people. The Ki-tah-pah-tumak aski ethinewak have a strong spiritual connection to Mother Earth, they understand that it is their responsibility to practice humility, reverence and reciprocity towards the land. Otherwise the destruction of the lands and waters will have detrimental effects to their community, but also to people around the world. My intent as a social practice artist is to capture through portraiture their strong spirit, resilient and compassionate nature